Photographer Robin Hill is a creative soul with eclectic ideas. Originally from Nottingham, England (home of namesake, Robin Hood), he works at the intersection of art, architecture and design and forges them together through the lens of his trusty Canon camera. For him, the camera is a sketchbook through which he draws the light - an instrument of both observation and intuition.

His vision is not impaired by opinion, trend or prejudice but guided by instinct, good timing and a keen eye for beauty. He understands that photoshop is an accent and not a language. He loves good company and smart conversation. He's a grad of the University of Sheffield where he studied mental maps and earned a degree in Geography. He's an architecture buff, an artist, a filmmaker, and photographer. He works with the light and not against it. He embraces modernisim but appreciates the classical and loves spontaneity but insists on being prepared. He enjoys collaborating with other creatives but also works alone. He's an authentic person who understands the value of listening and diplomacy. He's a low maintenance fellow with a high degree of integrity. He's an Englishman with an American address - a tea drinker with a taste for coffee. He likes to buy flowers for his wife on unexpected days. He's a chess player, mountain biker and soccer fanatic. He has a daughter who's a dead ringer for Miley Cyrus and is the proud Dad of a soon to be Boston University grad.

His closest friend is a ferocious shih-tzu named Harry. He has worked out of Miami for 25 years but is now setting up shop in the Hudson Valley, NY, to work out of both places. It's a transition that suits his Gemini nature and feeds the wide spectrum of his creative work.